Sunday, April 29, 2012

D032 Cathy Keindl - Welcome Home - CL 1/4" Crosshatch

 Welcome Home
Piecer and Quilter Cathy Keindl

This is one of my "best" quilts! (certainly not prize winning - but I'm putting it in HMQS SLC) I used the 18" diagonal board (from the front) for all the 1/2" cross-hatching - so easy!!!! I bought the 1/4" because my husband said it would be more versatile (use whichever groove you want he said) BUT, it was hard to remember where I had last stitched - so I took a Sharpie pen and marked every 4th groove! It works great! use all marked for 1" CH, use marked and middle for 1/2", use all for 1/4", etc!!!!