Wednesday, May 16, 2012

G111 Joanne Flammand - Denim - Ribbles

Re-purposed Denim quiltQuilter: Joanne Flamand
Piecer: Sue's Mom
Lap sized, fleece backing
CL board: Ribbles

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

G246 Susan Jarsulic - Random Access - Swirlz

Pieced and Quilted by Susan Jarsulic
Pattern and Designer:  Random Access by Nancy Swanwick
Size approx 60x80
CL Template used:  Swirlz

G245 Susan Jarsulic - Open Source - Swirlz

Pieced and quilted by Susan Jarsulic
Pattern and designer:  open source 12.5 blocks
Size approximatey 60x80
CL Template used:  Swirlz

D036 Cathy Keindl - Fans - Spiro Thingy - Circlelord

Last one:
quilted by me, Cathy Keindl
Spiro-Thingy (5" hole 3)
Super FAST to do with the CL! 

G244 Bonnie Hutcherson - Urban Abacus - Clamshell

Quilter: Bonnie Hutcherson
Piecer: Bonnie Hutcherson
Pattern & Designer: Urban Abacus -- Jenny Pedigo
Size: Approximately 60 x 80 inches
CL Template Used: Clamshell


G243 Joanne Flammand -Shadow Boxes - Swirls

Shadow Boxes Quilter: Joanne Flamand, Karen Moore
Piecer: Hosanna Wannabequilters
Pattern: Shadow Boxes
CL Board: Swirls! 

G242 Joanne Flammand - Magic Tiles - Cosmos

Magic Tiles Quilter: Joanne Flamand
Piecer: Mariel Enders
CL Board: Cosmos 

G241 Joanne Flammand - Hot Shots - Square Dance

Hot Shots Quilter: Joanne Flamand
Piecer: Joanne Flamand
Pattern and Designer: Hot Shots, Maple Island, Quilts, Debbie Bowles
Size: 63 X 87
CL Board: Square Dance 

G240 Vickie Oliver - English Paper - Swirlz

Quilter:  Vickie Oliver 
Piecer:  Randa Veach 
Pattern:  English Paper Pieced Hexagon 
King Size 
Giant Swirlz Boards

G239 - Vicki Oliver - Jelly Roll - Zig Zag

Quilter:  Vickie Oliver 
Piecer  Vickie Oliver Pattern: 
Jelly Roll Race
Lap Size 

I organized the Jelly Roll Race at our quilt guild to make red/white/blue veterans quilts.  I used the zig zag/waves boards to resemble the flag banner, then quilted over with a pantograph "valor, bravery, honor".

G238 Vicki Oliver - Duck - Zig Zag

Quilter:  Vickie Oliver
Piecer  Hospice Quilters
Pattern: Duck Squares 
Lap Size

G237 Vicki Oliver - Seaport - Zig Zag Waves

Quilter:  Vickie Oliver 
Piecer  Hospice Quilters 
Pattern:  Seaport Panel
Lap Size 

G236 Vicki Oliver - Star - Swirlz

Quilter:  Vickie Oliver
 Piecer  Bea Towsley 
Pattern:  Star  Queen Size

G235 - Vicki Oliver - Hospice - Swirlz

Quilter:  Vickie Oliver 
Piecer  Hospice Quilters 
Pattern:  Sampler 
Twin Size 
Giant Swirlz board

G234 Vicki Oliver - Asterisk - Swirlz

Quilter:  Vickie Oliver
 Piecer:  Andrea Ursem
 Pattern:  Asterisk
 Twin Size 

G233 Vicki Oliver - Corn & Beans - Swirlz

Quilter:  Vickie Oliver
Piecer:  Janice Gibson
Pattern:  Corn & Beans
Twin Size
Giant Swirlz board

G232 Joanne Flammand - Black Swirlz - Swirlz

Black Swirls

Quilter: Joanne Flamand
Piecer: None, two discarded double sheets!
Size: Oversized Twin
Cl Board: Swirlz! 

G231 Joanne Flammand - Fleece Throw - Cosmos

Fleece Throw Quilter: Joanne Flamand
No Piecing
Size: 56 X 70
Circle Lord Board: Cosmos 

G230 Joanne Flammand - Purple Swirlz - Swirlz

Purple Swirls Quilter: Joanne Flamand
Piecers: Hosanna Lutheran Wannabe Quilters
Pattern: Modified Rail Fence
Size: Large! 98 X 106?
CL Template: Swirls! 

G229 Joanne Flamand - Stars - Baptist Fan

Quilter: Joanne Flamand
Piecer: Joanne Flamand
Pattern and Designer: Interlocking Stars, Big Block Quilts #64
Size: 66 X 66
CL Template: Long board Double Baptist Fan 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

D035 Carmen Tesch - Gold Star - Lots

Piecer: Carmen T.
Quilter: Carmen T.
Size: 42 x 42
Templates: Aztec, Starz, Diamondz, Greek Key Micro Filler, 1/4" Crosshatch, Squircles

B012 Carmen Tesch - Irish Gold - Featherz - Cable

Triple Irish Chain
Pieced by: Carmen T.
Quilted by: Carmen T.
Size: 76 x 94
Templates: Featherz, Mini Featherz, Cable

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

G228 Kim Loar - Mystery - Cosmos

Quilter: Kim Loar
Piecer: Customer
Size: Queen
Pattern and designer: Mystery Quilt
CL Templates used: Cosmos